President Murmu meets the makers of The Elephant Whisperers

Image Credit: The Hindu

On March 31, 2023, President Murmu met with the creators of the book The Elephant Whisperers to discuss the potential adaptation of the book into a film or TV series. The meeting took place at the Presidential residence and was attended by several high-profile members of the entertainment industry. During the meeting, the creators of the book, Dr. Anthony Lawrence and Devangana Dash discussed their vision for the project and expressed their excitement at the possibility of bringing the story to a wider audience through a visual medium. The book tells the true story of a group of elephant handlers in India who use their unique bond with the animals to protect them from poachers and other dangers. President Murmu expressed his admiration for the book and the work of the elephant handlers, emphasizing the importance of conservation efforts in protecting endangered species. He also encouraged the creators to collaborate with local filmmakers and actors to ensure that the project accurately reflects the culture and traditions of the region. The meeting concluded with a discussion of potential funding sources and distribution options for the project. The creators expressed their gratitude for the President’s support and his commitment to promoting the protection of wildlife in India.

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