I wake up to the annoying noise of the alarm and look outside from my bedroom window. The weather outside is amorous with a glimpse of sunshine and the elegance of rain drops touching the mother earth is creating a marvelous rainbow.

As I moved out of my bed, noticed my “ever sleepy” loving husband was up already and the aroma of my favourite lemon tea reached my nostrils as I walked out of the bedroom, astonishing me that the love of my life was busy making it for me.

I silently got freshen up and move out to the balcony making a point not to astound him, stood there mesmerized with the beauty and different shades of the nature. The Sun and the rain were my favourite since childhood and when both came together it created such a magic that always amazed me and made me smile wiping away the gloominess.

The droplets on the leaves and flowers of my garden shined so bright that it created an illusion of how fascinating life can be with a balance of sweet and spicy journey a person goes through. I picked my phone and started playing my most favourite romantic song “Listening to the raindrops, I am thinking of you” and just got lost deep in thoughts having a speechless conversation with the nature.

As I stood there amidst the beauty, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned to a man who had love filled in his eyes and a cup of lemon tea on his hand. As I took the tea cup from his hand my inner lady was jumping in joy to such a lovely moment that she never thought will ever happen. And he turned me towards the nature and moved by my side hugging me so tight that I could feel his breath. We stood there for a period of time that felt like hours creating the blaze of love that seemed to be lost.

Again, I hear the alarm ringing and as I move I realized that it was just a dream and my dear husband was snoring to glory and that I was stuck somewhere between the “Dream” and “Reality”.

Finally, this time I wake up with a smile than a gloomy face and freshen up to kick start my day with an aura tea for my better half.

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