Here’s a curated list of most romantic Valentine’s Day gifts that will definitely surprise your partner.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and choosing the right gift that echoes ‘I love you’ is definitely a hard task. Whether you’ve just started dating or been married for a long time, people often tend to stumble when it comes to buying gifts for their beloved. Hence, we’ve curated the ultimate list of romantic gift ideas that will help you woo your partner.

1.Bond Touch Bracelets

This is a small bracelet that closes big distances. Gift your partner one; and keep one to yourself. Whenever you touch your bracelet, your partner is going to feel it, no matter wherever they are. This will immediately let your partner know you’re thinking of them. These bracelets have excellent battery life, waterproof technology, and options for lightning customization, making it a perfect rather more essential item for long-distance couples.

2. Customized Love Hamper

What is better than a box full of your partner’s absolute favourite items? Literally nothing! If you want to surprise your partner, curate a customised gift box for them and see their million dollar reaction. Whether they love accessories, books, or chocolates, make sure to add everything you can think of and we promise you, it will be worth it.

3. A Day Out

Another best way to spend Valentine’s Day is to have a day out with your partner. You can go to a nearby amusement park, try out the new café in your city, go on a hike, or even have a small picnic at the park. Basically, spending your whole day together and doing your favourite activities.

4. DIY Sushi Kit

If you and your partners are huge foodies, then there is no better gift than a DIY sushi kit. It is not as tough as it seems. Moreover, trying out new things and making a meal together will definitely bring you closer to each other and deepen your bond.

5. Bake Something

Homemade gifts always have a special spot as they are made from the heart. Baking a cake for your loved one will absolutely surprise them. Even if you’re not a pro, try baking something easy like mug cake, brownie, or perhaps baked custard. Whatever it is, your partner is going to love and appreciate your effort.

6. Flowers That Really Last

Gifting flowers on Valentine’s Day is certainly a cliché. However, it can be exceptional if the flowers last longer. There are various flower shops that sell a box full of flowers which is apparently guaranteed to last a year without any maintenance or watering. You can also choose from a bunch of options as they come in various shapes and styles.

        –     Mohor Bhattacharjee

Mohor Bhattacharjee is from Kolkata, currently pursuing Bachelor’s degree in English Literature. Besides writing, she likes music, movies, and cats.

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