Ms. Anita founded Artzeal at an age of 30. Her journey is an inspiration for many young minds.

The lady hails from a small district of Haryana named Jind. After completing her post-graduation in journalism from Kurukshetra university, she moved to Delhi in search of job opportunities. She was
nearly running on empty at that time. Her parents were against her decision and asked her to come back, but Anita was firm in her decision.

She struggled for five years in Delhi. She used to walk miles to save money and spent on dire necessities. In this period, she changed nearly 17 jobs. She recalls that finding a job was a strenuous task in the field of media. “People used to look down at me when they would learn that I am from Haryana. My accent reflected my background and people didn’t consider me for the job” says Anita.

After all this Anita realized that she is not the right fit for the job sector. It was in 2000, that Anita visited the Bastar district of Chattisgarh and came to know of tribal handicrafts indigenous to that area. She collected around 25 artworks and came back to Delhi.

Anita had always loved art. “I used to collect coins and stamps since my childhood and any new form of art that appealed to me,” says Anita.

Artzeal stands for enthusiasm for art, explains Anita. She started her business from a small rented shop in south Delhi. Ms. Anita proudly recalls her first customer who came on the thirteenth day and bought a handmade mask. Anita had a desire of traveling to new places and exploring them. Till now she has traveled to many states of the country and had made more than 500 connections for her trade.

Anita empathizes with the artisans and tribal community of our country that have incredible talent but lack reach. The middlemen amass the profit and very little is left for the artists, comments Anita. This was one of the factors that made Anita start Artzeal. She currently operates from Delhi, NCR, and runs a wholesale business, her products are also exported to Europe, France, and US. Anita has diversified her business by including jewelry made from stones.

She says art is a vast domain with around 3000 products but she has concentrated on a few items. Anita now does product sourcing for Artzeal and has employed three freelancers for handling operations.

Reflecting on this journey of 22 years, Anita is satisfied and contented. That period of five years made her learn the rules of the game, they made her strong and self-reliant.

Anita preaches to every individual to meditate and find out their calling. She says everything will fall in place once you set your eyes on something. It is purely the passion for a particular thing that makes you endure all the atrocities and adversities. When you realize your passion, then nothing can stop you.

Sky is the Limit!

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