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Sriya Lenka becomes first Indian K-Pop star

Sriya Lenka

Sriya Lenka of Odisha was chosen to replace Hyeme in Blackswan, the group’s oldest member, when he leaves in November 2020. DR Music, their producer, has requested auditions from all around the world. Brazil’s Gabriela Dalcin and Sriya Lenka were chosen from among 4,000 applicants to join the ensemble. 

K-Pop is one of the most widely distributed musical genres, with fans all around the world. Indians have a special fondness for Korean music and culture, and the news that an Indian has been picked to be a K-pop star has delighted fans. 

Blackswan is a female K-pop trio led by Korean singer Go Young Heun, which includes Belgian singer-rapper-model Fatou Samba, Korean singer-dancer Kim Da Hye, and Brazilian-Japanese singer lrissa Ayumi.

Sriya from Jharsuguda was chosen to replace Hyeme in the Seoul training programme in December 2020. Sriya had to undergo numerous levels of training in a variety of areas before she could join the group. This included intensive vocal training, rapping, dance choreographies, musical instrument playing, language acquisition, and more personal training. She was picked as one of 22 contestants after the second round of auditions. She advanced to the next round by placing in the top four. Sriya will now receive extra training, this time for the release of the following album, now that she has been chosen. 

Initially, the organization was looking for just one additional member. The group, however, declared on Instagram that Sriya and Gabriel were the group’s fifth and sixth members.

  • Chaithra BS