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By the year 2024, nearly 2.5 million jobs related to Science, Engineering, Technology, and Research
will be available!

STEM education is going to be critical for the future generation because of the growing competition, diverse workforce, and technological upgradation in the higher education sector. The concept of STEM education implies the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics outgrown within the boundaries of education. It is not simply the teaching of the above-said disciplines but it is an applied
learning approach.

STEM education includes real-world applications and teaching methods and boosts the creativity and innovations of students. This year’s International Women’s Day emphasizes the theme “DigitAll-Technology and Innovations for Gender equality” which focused on the aspect of creating more digital opportunities for women and encouraging them to take STEM education.

A statistic indicates that only 22% of AI engineers are women. So, it’s the need of the hour to adopt STEM education which is a teaching philosophy that naturally integrates critical thinking and language skills in a way that enriches any subject. One among a number of reasons why we need to adopt STEM Education is that it builds a transformative mindset for the students. Through this education, students learn many skills like creative thinking, logical reasoning, innovative mindset, and critical thinking.

Since the discipline has a global acceptance, it helps students to meet employers’ expectations globally. The subject has a practical side as well as a theoretical approach, helping students to think more resourcefully and innovatively.

STEM education system instills leadership quality in the students since the students are efficient in dealing with real-life problem-solving. STEM education has shown a tremendous increase in job opportunities compared to the non-STEM branches. This is due to the huge increase in computer jobs globally.

A future projection of STEM education shows a significant jump in getting better jobs, good salaries, and even in entrepreneurship. Tech companies are paying double the national average wage, which seems to flourish in the coming years.

As the world is growing, the youth of the world should be capable to handle real-life situations. Hence
the adoption of STEM education is relevant and more girls are to be encouraged to study STEM education and retain their job. Foresee the future and prepare for that in advance. If we start preparing after the change happens, we may be late.

She Writer Manju Malathy is an Assistant Professor with 12 years of experience in higher education, a Passionate trainer, Provisional Zone Trainer Junior Chamber International India Zone 20, and a social activist