When I came across the article written by Meena ji, a dietitian, in the November’22 issue of SheSight, I first bowed down to those Vedic scientists who, without the availability of any instruments or resources, determined the planets and their scientific composition. Isn’t it astonishing to know that their effect on human beings and their lives was understood about 5000 years ago?

Meena ji used the term – Vitamin D. Reading her article Vitamin D -The Sunshine Vitamin made me feel that I should go ahead and talk about the scientific elements of the Sun and its true shine and make our lives brighter.

Vedic sages had this great ability where they could embed every scientific principle in the jewel of religion. They did so because they knew the common man may not be able to understand the scientific order.

They found that people were more receptive to talks of righteousness and religious beliefs. So, to get their point across, Vedic sages found it easier to package nature’s decree with holy words of piety.

The earth receives various forms of Rashmi (rays of light) from the Sun. The intake of the Rashmi keeps the body, mind, and soul healthy.

Today scientists talk a lot about the discovery of land on Mars. They claim that there are traces of earth on Mars and that the soil out there, is red. We can refer to Vedic science here and see that sages have named Mars Bhaum (son of the earth).

When we talk about VIBGYORE, Surya (the Sun) is referred to as Saptarathi, which means that the Sun has a chariot with 7 horses and each of the horses is of a different color. In astrology, the Sun is described as the karaka (that which makes) bones.

Our sages identified special factors of each planet and pointed out specific planets responsible for specific diseases.

If we talk about the Sun, the sages have called it the soul of this universe. They have identified the Sun as a natural factor for bones. At the same time, they said that the Sun is the factor of soul and self-confidence, Sun is Ayurveda, Sun is the father, administrator, and government. Sun influences fame. Sun has an impact on the health of the eyes.

My aim is not to teach you astrology through this article, but to tell you that if we take some time out to understand ancient wisdom and implement that knowledge, we can make our life smoother.

This knowledge can even predict the onset of diseases, and the time when you will be cured.

You will be surprised to know that in ancient times if a person wanted to study astrology, it had a pre-requisite to study Ayurveda, and if someone wanted to study Ayurveda, it was mandatory to study astrology. Both have a very deep connection.

If Sun is bones, then Mars is bone marrow, and Mercury represents skin and the nervous system. 

Not only in astrology, but in Vastu shastra as well, the effect that planets and the Sun have on our lives, is spoken about.

Varah Mihir, one of the Navratnas in the court of King Vikram Aditya, allotted the East Center of the palace for day-to-day activities so that all the activities that happen in the morning are under the shining Sun.

We would have never heard that in ancient times there was any bone density test or that someone was deficient in Vitamin D. So, Jyotish is not superstition as dismissed by the modern generation, but a science supported by logic.

After menopause, women’s bones become weak. If you see the studies of doctors, those women who have weak bones, are also found to be lacking in confidence. This is the effect of not taking in enough sunlight.

When you find yourself losing confidence at crucial points in life, despite having all the qualities to take on situations, you should understand that somewhere in your birth chart, the Sun is in a weak position. A Vitamin D test is advisable in such cases. You will find that what medical science is saying, is written in Vedic science too.

Try spending 5 to 10 minutes of your time in the morning Sunlight. You will see a positive difference in your confidence levels.

Surya Namaskar is the best alternative to not getting a chance to soak in the sun. This form of Yoga helps your bones to stay strong, and the body to remain flexible.

Performing Surya Namaskar helps your ability to use natural sources of vitamin D from your diet or Ayurvedic herbs. Your recovery rate will be higher in comparison to any other Pathy or medicine.

Give place to wheat, jaggery, and makhana(Fox nut) in your diet.

To avoid eye and bone diseases, try not to have salt or oil on Sundays. Offer water to the Sun. Apply red sandalwood Bindi on the forehead. Tie a red thread around the wrist of your right hand.

People born between October 17th and November 17th should be averse to worshiping the Sun.

If you do not have much tuning with your boss, start worshiping the Sun. You will see your understanding with your boss gradually improving.

If you run a business and you find your work getting constantly mired due to government hurdles, once again trust Surya dev (Lord Sun). Take his support. Worshiping him will help you clear hurdles.

You have a case going on and even though you are right, you are not getting benefits from the government. Seek Surya dev’s blessings and see things improve.

We often hear that despite us giving our best, we are not getting the appreciation that we deserve. Sun God will help you here again as Sun is also the factor for fame.

Here’s saluting the Sun for all his vibrancy!

Dr. Suman Sachdev is an Astrology and Vaastu consultant

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