Terrarium Dresses with Real Butterflies Make a Splash at Paris Fashion Week

Image credit: India Today

Paris Fashion Week 2023 has taken an unusual turn with the buzz surrounding the Undercover label’s showcase by Japanese designer Jun Takahashi, featuring captivating terrarium dresses.

In a stunning runway display, three models donned these dresses adorned with real butterflies for a show-stopping finale. The dresses pushed the boundaries of fashion, blending nature and couture.

One model gracefully walked the runway in a sheer ivory strapless dress, complete with a terrarium affixed at the waist, creating a voluminous skirt effect. The glass enclosure offered a peek into a miniature world of flowers and nature, veiled with transparent ivory fabric.

In an interview with Vogue, Takahashi revealed that the terrarium dresses were inspired by his sense of longing and the desire for liberation. He explained, “He feels like he’s stuck in the world, but he wants to release himself.” Importantly, it was clarified that the butterflies would ultimately be set free.

The unique fusion of fashion and nature at Paris Fashion Week has sparked conversations and debates about the boundaries of art and ethical considerations in the fashion industry.

Re-reported from the article originally published in India Today

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