The person who inspired you the most…?

“To describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in its perfect power. Or the climbing, falling colours of a rainbow.”

—Maya Angelou

When I look around me, I can see thousands of people. When I look deeper, I can see hundreds of people that can inspire me. But when I look for the person who inspires me the most, only one face comes to my mind- and that is my mother.

My mother is the most important person in my life. We do not share the ideal mother-daughter relationship but still, even the thought of my mother gives a smile to my face. My mother is the perfect example of love and patience. She gives me everything I could ever want without expecting anything back. 

It is not the extraordinary things that make her the best but her small caring touch in my life. The best part about my mother is that she can understand my feelings without me speaking a word. 

My mother is the guiding light in my life. She showed me how to live. She has been with me through all ups and downs in my life. She encourages and motivates me whenever I feel down. I always think that she is a multi-tasking superwoman. The way she manages every little detail of my family with utter care and patience. Even if she is hurt she has never expressed it to others.

If there were a best professional award, it would probably go to all the mothers in the world. My mother is the chef, teacher, doctor, electrician, plumber, cleaner, tailor, artist, manager, event planner, and counsellor of my house. It is just amazing how she can do everything within 24 hours of the day. My mother’s contribution to my daily life only motivates me for working hard and giving her a better future.

I love my mother so much. Even her imperfections make me proud of her. Without her, I would never have become a better human being. 

Article by:

Ms. Mubeena Kabeer
Electronics engineering student at TOCH College of Engineering, Cochin
Prayaana Campus Ambassador at Campus 2 Career Mission
App developer at Tech Knocks solutions 
IEEE chair at TIST |



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