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The river was flowing,

Like a kid; so excited,

Restless, with a quintessential murmur,

The snowcaps on the mountain,

belched with sarcasm, like an old man,

After a hearty meal.

“Where is this river going,

Such a naughty, restless rebel.

She passed the mountains,

Jumping out of them,

Like huge waterfalls,

A magnificent sight,

Only to the observers,

Not to itself.

She has now grown,

Like a woman – youthfully entertaining,

Reaching somewhere in the green lands,

It started reflecting the world.

“Such a beautiful world”,

Every living thing felt,

Observing their nature,

In the reflection.

She gave birth,

To many tributaries,

And passed through-

Scorching deserts,

Almost dying,

Becoming thinner and thinner,

Before it reached the ocean.

The stars smiled at the river,

And human kids swam on it,

And she caressed them like a mother,

Making them innocent, healthy, and pure.

She was shy and anxious,

To lose her identity,

In the multitude.

In the silence.

Into the vastness.

Now she is all-encompassing,

Slightly aged, old, and vast.

Communicating with the Sun,

And tickling the depths of Earth.

Wasn’t she an entertainer from her birth?

But the mountains still smirked with sarcasm,

They think they are growing from bottom to top.

But the river has touched the top and the bottom,

Still living a fulfilling life.

Dileep Warrier