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The Secret of World’s Oldest Person Kane Tanaka

The world’s oldest person alive, Kane Tanaka from Japan is 119 years old. Her secret is neither healthy living nor regular exercise. It is…

In the quest of living a longer, healthier life we often forget what is most important – to enjoy life, this lesson is from Kane Tanaka, the oldest person alive. Kane Tanaka is a spirited 119-year-old living in Fukuoka, Japan. Tanaka celebrated her 119th birthday on 2 January 2022. She was born in 1903. It was the same year that Wright Brothers invented the first airplane. It was almost eleven years before World War I.

The secret of Kane Tanaka’s long life is neither a healthy lifestyle nor regular exercise. In fact, Kane Tanaka enjoys Coca-cola so much that the company gifted her two personalized bottles on her 119th birthday. This news was shared by her granddaughter Junko Tanaka on Twitter. She wrote: “Birthday gift 1: Introducing the presents received for Kane’s birthday. Really appreciate this gift. The Coca-Cola company made a commemorative birthday bottle. It seems (Kane) is still drinking Coca-Cola as usual.”

So, what has kept Kane Tanaka so energetic for all these 119 years? Her grandson Eiji Tanaka says that it is not dwelling on the past. “I don’t remember her talking much about the past,” he told CNN. “She’s very forward-thinking—she really enjoys living in the present.” Her family has also shared that she keeps her mind and body engaged by doing math, calligraphy, and remaining curious. In fact, she worked in her family’s store until she was 103 years old.

The real secret to longevity has nothing to do with a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise, even though they are very necessary for a healthy body. The actual secret of people who live in the Blue Zone, which are places where the inhabitants live up to 100 years, is the following four which are called the longevity pillars –   find a purpose in life, manage stress, engage with a community, and remain close to family.

When looking at Kane Tanaka’s life, it has long been full of purpose—and she continues to learn, spend time with those she loves, and grow her own mental strength and curiosity every day.

It has also proved that one more thing affects longevity – Friendship. So instead of focusing on a very healthy lifestyle, try to focus on these longevity pillars in life. 

-Staff Reporter