The 2020 downtown on Christmas Eve where once it was staged with carols and Christmas market

The beginning of the festivities and celebrations that last till the New Year is marked by a filling of the air with the aroma of cakes, cookies, and candies. Even at work, this period is very enjoyable. The meetings for brainstorming are often calm.  Each person seems to be getting ready for the celebrations. I believe that more so than before the pandemic, individuals have begun to understand the value of connecting with others to celebrate, socialize, or eat. Before the pandemic, Christmas celebrations included a trip to Santa Station and a German market where you could shop for lots of Christmas-themed items and also had an animal petting area where kids could pet llamas, bunnies, chicken, sheep, and goats. All of that was suddenly wiped off due to the pandemic. The 2020 downtown looked like an abandoned place with just memories of life and with no idea if it would return to old glory. 

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The streets that were once hustling and bustling with music, dance, and crowds have become caged cabins for people to dine in and for restaurants to survive.

The rapid development of vaccines has simplified matters. People have begun to interact with one another and find joy and happiness in ways they can. In the middle of the pandemic, many businesses had trouble surviving. Numerous new companies that innovated per the times we live in prosper. Life has become challenging in many ways as a result of the pandemic. People are losing their jobs as a result of the recession, but I also see many people cooperating and connecting to support them.


The busy German market on Christmas Eve in the year 2018.

Additionally, there have been food and blanket drives around the USA to help individuals during the cold months and special occasions. A lot of nonprofit organizations receive wrapped presents from people and distribute them to those who most need consolation and assistance during celebrations and holidays.

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The animal petting zone in the year 2018.

The beauty of these days is all the glitter and glistening lights. Most people are considerate enough to check on everyone. We may have some idea of how someone struggling with mental health would be. It can be really helpful to at least keep an eye on them during these times.

When the new year begins, everyone is again busy with their tasks and trying to stick to their resolutions. Up until the next celebration, life will be busy, eventful, and stressful.

Is it possible to always be joyful and content? Yes, that is possible, but only if we as a society start to change a few things. Life would be much simpler if all were treated equally irrespective of their financial status, gender, etc., and the most toxic “cancel culture” be eliminated. Life will be good and celebrations will become normal!

Anju Nandakumar has a doctorate in Bioscience and aspires to contribute to society through her work and writings. She truly believes in the essence of celebrations and festivities and living life with care and compassion.