The top 3 happiest countries in the world in 2022 are all led by women. (Finland, Denmark, and Iceland)

Image Credit: LinkedIn

Inspired by a post from my friend John Ryan. I think that these are interesting findings from the recently published World Happiness Report ( I had the pleasure of speaking with all of the authors of the report, Jan- Emmanuel De Neve, Richard Layard, and John Helliwell over the weekend. Whilst John Helliwell didn’t believe the data showed causality in the case of the top 3 countries, he did make the point to John Ryan that those countries have very well-performing social systems and fairness and accessibility for all are at their core.” If we look at happiness (or well-being) as an outcome measure of how societies are performing, we can get a good indication of how we are doing on issues such as fairness, inclusion, and belonging. The same is true of our workplaces.

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