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These Mom & Daughters Started an Instagram Fashion Brand That is Now Clocking 15 Cr Revenue

Hetal Desai along with her daughters Lekhinee Desai and Twaraa Desai started the clothing brand The Indian Ethnic Co with an investment of Rs 50,000. Today, they make annual revenue of over Rs 15 crore.

Mumbai based Hetal Desai always used to design and tailor her daughters’ clothes. Lekhinee and Twaraa used to get so many compliments for the clothes they used to wear. They never had to buy ready-made clothes from stores as their mother made so much better clothes at home. In fact, before Lekhinee and Twaraa were born, Hetal had been a designer and had clients like Kavita Krishnamurti, the singer. However, as her daughters were born Hetal pushed her passion aside to take care of her family.

However, Lekhinee and Twaraa did not like the fact that their mother is wasting her talents. And as they both went to college Hetal even had some time at her hand. Lekhinee thought that this was the right time for her mother to start a business.

It all started in 2016, and they started simply by uploading the pictures of the clothes that Hetal designed online on Facebook. They modelled themselves for the pictures and did not even have their faces in the photos as they were cropped off. They did not expect much response but were excited when they got their first orders.

 “The most exciting part for us was sitting in Mumbai, clicking pictures, uploading it on the internet and getting orders from places like Goa and Kerala,” says Hetal. Later they began to get more orders and so began the brand The Indian Ethnic Co. They soon transitioned into a website and from making 20 lakh/ year they jumped to make Rs 1 crore/year in just a few months of launching the website.

It was Hetal’s husband who gave the idea to use dance videos to promote their clothes, and once these dance reels were uploaded on their Instagram page, the orders skyrocketed.

Through their business, the mom and two daughters also want to help artisans. Today they have over 25 employees, three offices in Mumbai and are also associated with over 100 artisans. Their sarees start from Rs 1,699 while their kurtas start at Rs 1,880 and they have customers across the globe.  

-Staff Reporter