This Woman Entrepreneur’s EdTech Start-up Offers Unique Courses for Women

Shikha Mittal’s EdTech platform called Be Your Own Shakti offers women-centric courses such as how to deal with domestic violence, sexual harassment, and financial literacy, among others

Delhi-based entrepreneur Shikha Mittal already has a feather in her hat with her successful venture Be.artsy, which is an awareness enterprise. Now she is starting an EdTech platform called Be Your Own Shakti, which offers women-centric courses such as how to deal with domestic violence, sexual harassment, and financial literacy, among others.

Her first venture Be.artsy is made to create and execute impactful communication programs for the client’s internal customers which are the employees, the supply chain, and the local community. Their awareness programs cover a range of topics from diversity and inclusion, mental and physical health, emotional intelligence, gender sensitisation, women empowerment, road safety, environment, bias training, team building, change management etc.

It was earlier this month Shikha Mittal launched her second venture. Be Your Own Shakti is an EdTech platform that aims to offer unique courses. It includes a financial literacy course for women called Be Your Own Lakshmi as well as courses on other topics such as sexual harassment, domestic violence, and emotional intelligence.

While the venture might have begun recently, the founder says, she has been offering the financial literacy course live online for the past year and has a community of over 400 women by the time the EdTech platform was launched.

The idea of starting an awareness programme started from Shikha’s own experience with sexual harassment and other issues while she was working in the corporate world. Although her first non-profit venture Be.cause shut down in eight months, the same year she established Be.artsy. Be.artsy is a for-profit social venture and has tied up with 265 clients which include corporate giants and offer their services to them.

After identifying artists who are paid per project, Be.artsy’s operation team travels a week or so ahead to the location, designs the play based on the awareness programme needed and delivers the service.

Shikha Mittal says, “Whether it is a service on prevention of sexual harassment, bias training, or diversity and inclusion or financial literacy, every element that we offer to the corporate should add value in the employee’s day to day health, be it financial, emotional and social health. As a result, they will be able to perform better.”

When COVID-19 Lockdown started, Shikha had to take her venture online and provide video courses and webinars. That is how the idea to start an EdTech platform, Be Your Own Shakti, came to her mind. The venture is sure to make a positive change in society and provide useful information to many women. 

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