UNSC urges Taliban To Lift Restrictions On Women And Girls 

taliban left restriction

The United Nations Security Council expressed deep concerns over the situation of Afghan women following the Taliban’s restrictions on their human and fundamental rights. Hence, UNSC urged the Taliban to “swiftly reverse” these policies, which are currently restricting women and girls from their education, employment, freedom of movement among others. 

Earlier this month, the Taliban ordered female Afghan television presenters to cover their faces when performing on air. Before that, they had also ordered women to cover their faces in public and banned girls from going to school. The UN Security Council, therefore, called on the Taliban to reopen the schools for all female students without further delay.

The Security Council “reiterated their call on the Taliban to adhere to their commitments to reopen schools for all female students without further delay.”

Besides this, UNSC also highlighted concerns over drug trafficking, continued terrorist attacks targeting civilians, and the need to restore the financial and banking system in the country, ANI reported. 

  • Staff Reporter