Visiting Iraq, Germany’s Baerbock pushes for stability

Image Source: Giulia Saudelli in Iraq

Annalena Baerbock, the Green Party candidate for Chancellor of Germany, has visited Iraq to discuss stability and security in the region. During her visit, Baerbock met with government officials, civil society representatives, and women’s rights activists to discuss issues such as combating terrorism, promoting democracy and human rights, and addressing common challenges like climate change, economic inequality, and the refugee crisis.

Baerbock emphasized the importance of supporting Iraq’s efforts to achieve stability and security, stating that “peace in Iraq is also peace in Germany.” She expressed her solidarity with civil society organizations and their struggles for equality and justice and highlighted the need for greater international cooperation to address these issues.

Baerbock’s visit to Iraq was part of her wider campaign to promote a “foreign policy of peace” and a “global green new deal” that prioritizes sustainability and social justice. Her visit to Iraq is seen as an opportunity to demonstrate her commitment to these issues and to build stronger relationships with leaders and stakeholders in the region.

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