As I sit down to write, my heart is heavy with the stark reality of our world – the harsh truth that women and children are often used as political pawns in the midst of modern conflicts. From the Israel-Hamas conflict to the Russia-Ukraine war, the suffering of the most vulnerable groups is something I cannot ignore. In this article, I want to share my thoughts on this deeply troubling issue.

It’s not an easy topic to discuss, but it’s a vital one. Women and children have been, and continue to be, exploited as political instruments in the midst of war and conflict. This exploitation, as distressing as it is, is far from a new phenomenon. Its consequences are evident in various forms, from the forced displacement of families to the killing of innocent children.

women and children
Image Source: Al Jazeera

I can’t help but think about the children who should be playing, learning, and dreaming but are instead thrust into the horrors of war. Or the women who, through no choice of their own, become the silent casualties of conflicts they did not create. Their innocence is used as a tool by those who see their suffering as a mere means to an end, a cynical calculation that should haunt us all.

The effects of these practices on women and children caught in these conflicts are nothing short of devastating. Lives are lost, and bodies are injured, but the scars that run deepest are the ones we cannot see. The psychological and social impact of these experiences often leaves lifelong wounds, altering the course of their lives forever.

women and children
Image Source: VOA

Moreover, the displacement and destruction that these conflicts bring about disrupt the normal lives of women and children. Homes are lost, education is disrupted, and futures are stolen. The ripple effects of this can endure for generations, perpetuating a cycle of poverty, despair, and missed opportunities.

International organizations and the global community have not remained idle in the face of this issue. Conventions and treaties have been established to protect the rights and well-being of women and children in conflict zones. However, despite these efforts, the harsh reality continues in many conflict zones. The complexities of modern conflicts make it challenging to fully protect the rights and well-being of these vulnerable populations. It is evident that diplomatic efforts, conflict resolution, and international cooperation are all vital components of any lasting solution.

The use of women and children as political pawns in modern conflicts is an egregious violation of human rights. It calls for a collective effort to denounce such practices and demand change. We must advocate for peaceful resolutions to conflicts, support international organizations working tirelessly to protect the rights of women and children, and amplify the voices of those who have been silenced.

As a feminist, I believe that gender equality is intrinsically linked to conflict resolution and the protection of the vulnerable. We must recognize the importance of women’s participation in peace processes and decision-making. Only by addressing the root causes of these conflicts and working collectively toward peace can we ensure the safety and well-being of women and children.

It’s high time that we do not turn a blind eye to the plight of women and children used as political pawns in modern conflicts. Their suffering is not a matter of chance but a consequence of political decisions. It is our moral duty to advocate for their protection and work tirelessly for lasting peace. As we approach a season of gratitude, let us remember those who are caught in the crossfire and strive to make the world a safer place for the most vulnerable among us.

This Thanksgiving month, as we sit together for family lunch, let’s think about those little kids who are devastated by the atrocities caused by this war, for no reason of theirs.

And when they grow up if one of them asks, “Why did you do this to me?”, we, owe an answer. Beware Humanity!

Universal Love and Abundance,

Dr.CeeVee (Dr. CeeVee is the pen name of Dr. Chandra Vadhana R, Founder of Prayaana Labs and Managing Editor, of SheSight Magazine)