Wise And Otherwise (A salute to life) – By Sudha Murthy

wise and otherwise

This book is very special to me as it made me look at life with a mix of positivity, humanity, and gratitude. It completely deals with the personal experiences of Sudha Murthy during her days of social service through the Infosys Foundation. During her journey, she learned many things that are crucial for a human to live a happy, satisfied, and worthy life. This book deals with 51 life lessons of Mrs. Murthy, where I feel each one is unparalleled to the other.

In the very first chapter of the book, Sudha Murthy says she was taken aback by the honesty shown by the son of a tribal coolie, in financial matters. Here she says she learned that honesty does not belong to one particular class, education level, or wealth, but it comes naturally from the heart. 

In the other chapter, she says she saw the culture at its best in Sahyadris. In days where people do not bother having gratitude for the help they received and instead except some more, here in Sahyadris, an old man with no education is following a highly principled life saying his ancestors have taught him to give when you take something in return.

Now comes my favorite lesson which I learned from the chapter called – A Lesson in Life from a Beggar. Meena, one of her old friends who is very pessimistic with a very negative attitude towards life and who is forever unhappy has changed the way she looks at life, from the old beggar and her five-year-old granddaughter. Despite her good job, good salary, and all the comforts, Meena does not know the one thing that the beggar knows, that is how to be happy with life as it is. Sudha says, now her friend finds happiness in every small thing, in every situation, and in every person.

Going on, this book allows us to learn many great life lessons related to humbleness, thankfulness, affection, sacrifice, honesty, happiness, integrity, empathy, and many others. This book is definitely a must-read book of a lifetime. Read it slowly and steadily by enjoying and understanding every word and context of this book. I promise you all who read it, that you will definitely become a better version of yourself with every turn of the page. It is the best pick to gift for your loved ones and for the people who are at the lowest phase of their life.

Anusha Pappala

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