10-Year-Old Praised As The Youngest Trans Model To Walk At New York Fashion Week 


The world's youngest trans model Noella walked on the runway at NYFW just at the age of 10

Noella scripted history by becoming the world’s youngest trans model to walk at the New York Fashion Week. This 10- year-old model started her journey of transitioning at the young age of 4 and at the age of 10 she walked the runway for designer Mel Atkinson. 

Dee McMaher and Ray, the parents of Noella, were fully supportive of their daughter’s decisions and also said that they are incredibly proud of her and that she has also become an inspiration to other children like her.

In one interview Noella’s Father reveals, “Noella doesn’t ever get nervous or scared by anything. She’s a tiny professional! She was so excited to go down the catwalk and see all the people and the cameras. She knows exactly how to work for a crowd. We were surprised by seeing her confidence and determination and also very much happy for her and her increasing success.”

In addition to this, her mother also mentioned how Noella already keeps getting a lot of messages from other trans children asking her for advice. She has been described as being “very outspoken” and an “amazing advocate for other trans kids“. Further describing Noella’s other abilities and efforts, she explained how Noella wants to prove to the world that ‘trans is beautiful’ and by adding her efforts and support, she also aims to “provide trans visibility on a global scale”.

Just at the age of 4 when she went through therapy, everything changed for her and finally, it was declared that she was a girl. During that time, she also faced difficulties when she was called a boy because she never identified as one. She has come a long way from a troubled toddler who used to often throw tantrums and refused to wear clothes. 

From a tender age, she has started advocating for transgender and nonbinary children. She uses her identity and platform to create more awareness about trans people and wants them to accept who they are and also advocate for equal rights. The young girl model states, “It feels good that I’m already inspiring trans kids to be themselves.”

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