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The inspiring story of a 103-year-old woman from the United States has recently gone viral. The woman, identified as Julia “Hurricane” Hawkins, has made headlines for her regular visits to the gym, proving that age is just a number. The video of her workout routine has garnered widespread attention on social media platforms.

Hawkins, who hails from Louisiana, began her athletic career at the age of 100 and has since broken several records in senior athletics. In 2017, she set the world record for the 100-meter dash in the women’s 100-plus age category, completing the race in just under 40 seconds.

The viral video shows Hawkins at the gym, where she is seen lifting weights and doing some light exercises. The inspiring clip has garnered praise from social media users, who have been inspired by her dedication and positive attitude toward fitness.

In an interview, Hawkins shared that she has always been active and enjoyed playing sports, including biking and dancing. She credits her healthy lifestyle for her longevity and encourages others to stay active as well.

Hawkins’ story serves as a reminder that it is never too late to start living a healthy lifestyle and pursuing one’s passions. Her dedication and positivity have inspired many and have shown that age is just a number.

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