Ashley Graham’s grace in awkward Hugh Grant Oscars interview applauded by netizens

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On Sunday afternoon, social media was abuzz with reactions to an awkward pre-Oscars interview between host Ashley Graham and actor Hugh Grant. Grant appeared annoyed and gave blunt replies to Graham’s questions, starting the interview on a sour note when she asked him about his favorite part of the Oscars. He replied that the event was “vanity fair,” which Graham appeared to interpret as a reference to the Vanity Fair afterparty. When Graham asked if he was excited to see anyone win, Grant responded that he wasn’t, prompting viewers to notice his demeanor.

Despite Grant’s unenthusiastic responses, Graham remained professional throughout the interview. When she asked about Grant’s role in the film “Glass Onion,” he replied that he was barely in it, prompting Graham to thank him for his time.

Viewers praised Graham for her grace in handling the situation, as Grant appeared to roll his eyes and walk away at the end of the exchange. Many suggested that Graham’s determination to keep the interview professional despite Grant’s attitude was impressive.

The interview has gone viral on social media, drawing attention to Grant’s curt replies and Graham’s professionalism. While some viewers have criticized Grant for his behavior, others have praised Graham for handling the situation with grace and composure.

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