13 Head-Turning Met Gala Moments: From Controversial to Quirky

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The Met Gala, an annual extravaganza celebrating the intersection of fashion and art, is renowned for its stunning red carpet moments. However, alongside the glamorous gowns and avant-garde accessories, there have been instances that sparked controversy or left attendees scratching their heads. Let’s take a look back at 13 of these memorable Met Gala moments:

1. Kim Kardashian’s Marilyn Monroe Moment In 2022, Kim Kardashian made waves by donning one of Marilyn Monroe’s iconic dresses, the 1962 “Happy Birthday Mr. President” gown. The dress’s fragility and Kim’s drastic measures to fit into it stirred up debate, with concerns over potential damage to the historic garment.

2. The Streaker of 2014 In a shocking moment from 2014, a man attempted to streak across the red carpet in a hot pink mankini, only to be swiftly apprehended before reaching the entrance, leaving attendees stunned.

3. Lil Nas X’s Bold Attire Lil Nas X turned heads in 2023 with his daring ensemble, sporting nothing but a silver thong, glittering platform boots, and a body adorned with crystals. The audacious look was a testament to his fearless approach to fashion.

4. Kendall Jenner’s Sheer Statement Kendall Jenner courted controversy in 2017 with her revealing La Perla gown, leaving little to the imagination. Despite facing criticism, Jenner stood by her choice, citing a penchant for controversy.

5. Jared Leto’s Detached Head Jared Leto made a surreal statement in 2019 by carrying a lifelike replica of his own head, sparking both intrigue and amusement among onlookers. The whereabouts of the head post-event remains a mystery.

6. AOC’s Political Fashion New York representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made a bold political statement in 2021 with her “Tax the Rich” gown, igniting debate over its appropriateness in a room filled with the affluent elite.

7. Cara Delevingne’s Patriarchal Protest Cara Delevingne’s 2021 Met Gala appearance, donning a bulletproof vest emblazoned with the phrase “Peg the patriarchy,” sparked discussion over its message and attribution.

8. Rihanna’s Papal Inspiration Rihanna’s 2018 Met Gala attire, drawing inspiration from the pope and Catholicism, divided opinions, with some praising its creativity while others deemed it disrespectful.

9. Kanye West’s Casual Approach In 2016, Kanye West flouted convention with ripped jeans and a casual ensemble, deviating from the expected formal attire and raising eyebrows in the process.

10. Kim Kardashian’s Masked Mystery Kim Kardashian’s 2021 Met Gala look, cloaked in a head-to-toe Balenciaga bodysuit, sparked intrigue and confusion, with Kardashian herself admitting to limited visibility throughout the evening.

11. Jaden Smith’s Unconventional Date Jaden Smith’s 2017 Met Gala appearance, accompanied by his own hair in lieu of a traditional date, added a quirky touch to the red carpet proceedings.

12. Sarah Jessica Parker’s Cultural Controversy Sarah Jessica Parker’s 2015 Met Gala ensemble, featuring a headpiece that drew criticism for potentially perpetuating harmful stereotypes, prompted reflection on cultural sensitivity in fashion.

13. Frank Ocean’s Robotic Companion Frank Ocean’s 2021 Met Gala accessory—a neon green robot baby—left many perplexed, with the artist citing inspiration from cinematic magic and American culture.

Each Met Gala brings its share of unforgettable moments, from the controversial to the downright quirky, ensuring the event remains a highlight of the fashion calendar.

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