A year has passed by. The year 2020 has just left us from our lives. Of course the year has been painful, filled with uncertainties, fears and worries.
But, it’s also a year in which we learnt to love more, to spend responsibly, reduced carbon footprints, reduced pollution, valued health, realised our vulnerabilities and learnt to accept what life offers. We adapted well and called it the “New Normal”. The Covid -19 made us all realise so many facets of our lives, some did it positively while others did it negatively.
Yet, in the case of women, the year 2020 haven’t been so easy. I would like to take your attention to three main issues that women specifically faced during this year and made the year 2020 a year we should all be ashamed off! The year 2020 will therefore be known in Feminist literature in these three ways as well!
It was a year of Shadow Pandemic.
Shadow Pandemic stands for increase in the incidents of violence against women especially within the homes and locality.
As per the UN Women’s data,
Globally, even before the COVID-19 pandemic began, 1 in 3 women experienced physical or sexual violence mostly by an intimate partner
Emerging data shows an increase in calls to domestic violence helplines in many countries since the outbreak of COVID-19.
Sexual harassment and other forms of violence against women continue to occur on streets, in public spaces and online.
Survivors have limited information and awareness about available services and limited access to support services.
In some countries, resources and efforts have been diverted from violence against women response to immediate COVID-19 relief.

Cyber Crime incidents just blew out of bounds during this COVID season. The reason being the extra time spent on the internet and of course, the lack of social life.
The Cyber cells of Police and various NGOs had a spike in the number of cases with serious ones from women. And these ranged from abuse, indecent exposure, unsolicited obscene pictures, and threats, malicious emails claiming their account was hacked, ransom demands, blackmail and more.
These are just two sides of issues that women face. But there is a third face that women faced during this year – the Stress and Mental battles.
The increased home presence of every member at the family, the work from home, the online schooling and lack of maid support – all these contributed to higher workloads for the women in the family.
Lack of participation in household chores by men still remains a complex struggle for women. Working from home actually made the life of many “working women” more difficult that they decided to quit their jobs and have more peace. And in the case of men who faced job loss and business loss, the easy ventilation is on their wife and children who ends up taking abuse – verbal or physical.
In the case of women with young children, the stress was on the peak considering the schooling tasks to be completed as a “parent”.
Well, we have just begun a new year. As with every year, we wish for happiness and prosperity for all.
And that includes the women.

Here’s me wishing for an amazing year for all!


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