5 Must-See Viral Videos Captivating Online Audiences

  1. Meghan Markle’s Affectionate Reference to Nigeria Sparks Attention

Meghan Markle recently talked about her connection to Nigeria, calling it “my country,” during a Women in Leadership event. She co-hosted the event with Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, the Director General of the World Trade Organization. The Duchess of Sussex shared insights about her background during the engagement. This video of her statement quickly went viral, sparking conversations online.

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2. Drew Barrymore’s Interview Mishap: A Cringe-Worthy Moment Explained

Drew Barrymore’s talk show moment stirred discomfort when she called Vice President Kamala Harris “Momala.” While chatting, Barrymore referred to Harris as “Momala,” a term used by Harris’s stepchildren. This gesture, meant playfully, sparked discussions about stereotypes, particularly regarding Black women. Critics expressed concerns over Barrymore’s choice of words, arguing it reinforced outdated notions. Instead of celebrating Harris’s achievements, Barrymore’s comment risked reducing her to a stereotype. This highlighted the need for awareness about stereotypes faced by Black women. The incident contrasted with Harris’s message of empowerment during the interview.

Source: Inquisitr

3. Wedding Hero: Erika Rodriguez Takes on Uninvited Snake Guest

At a wedding in Florence, Arizona, Erika Rodriguez quickly handled an uninvited guest: a snake. In an orange dress, she calmly grabbed the snake by its tail and escorted it away from the party into the bushes. The video, shared on TikTok by her sister Sandra, went viral with over a million views. Rodriguez, inspired by Steve Irwin, grew up catching creatures and isn’t afraid of animals. Her bravery impressed many, with some even proposing marriage in the comments.


4. Mom’s Humorous Velcro Hack for Toddler Airplane Travel Goes Viral

A video showing a mom using Velcro to keep her toddler seated on an airplane went viral. Lisa Flom, a Minnesota mother, demonstrated the unusual parenting hack, attracting over 19.2 million views on TikTok. In the clip, she attaches Velcro strips to her child’s seat and onesie, preventing the toddler from moving around during the flight. While some viewers criticized the method, others recognized it as a joke. Flom, known for her humorous parenting hacks, aims to make parenting easier and bring laughter to fellow parents. Despite the controversy, she emphasizes the importance of enjoying parenthood.


5. Tiffany Boone’s Insight on Black Panther Women

Tiffany Boone, starring in “The Big Cigar” on Apple TV+, shares insights about her role as Gwen, wife of Huey P. Newton, and the importance of women in the Black Panther Party. Contrary to popular belief, half of the Panthers were women, essential to the movement’s core. Boone emphasizes Gwen’s pivotal role, describing her as the heart and soul of the Party. In the series, Gwen challenges Huey privately with respect, reflecting her strong feminine energy. Premiering on May 17, “The Big Cigar” sheds light on untold stories, honoring the significant contributions of women in the movement. (Source: Essence)


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