7 Home Remedies for Stronger, Longer Hair Growth

home remedies for hair growth
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Maintaining healthy and luscious locks requires regular care to combat the buildup of dirt and pollutants that can hinder hair growth. Fortunately, there are simple home remedies you can try to rejuvenate your hair’s volume and shine. Here are seven tips for stronger, longer hair:

  1. Garlic-Infused Hair Oil: Garlic is a common kitchen ingredient with hair benefits. It’s rich in selenium and sulfur, which stimulate hair growth and strengthen it. Create your garlic-infused hair oil by chopping garlic cloves and adding them to pure coconut or olive oil. Let it sit for seven to ten days in a cool, dry place, or mix chopped garlic with warm coconut oil. Massage this oil into your scalp 30 minutes before shampooing.
  2. Neem Leaf Remedy: To tackle dandruff and scalp itching, simmer Neem leaves in water and let it cool overnight. The next day, make a paste with the Neem leaves and apply it to your hair like a pack. Rinse with plain water after 20 minutes.
  3. Coconut Milk Magic: Coconut milk not only nourishes hair but also promotes growth. Apply coconut milk to your hair at night and leave it on overnight, then wash it out the next morning for soft and luscious locks.
  4. Egg and Sesame Seed Mask: Create a hair mask by beating an egg with 2 tablespoons of sesame seed oil. Apply it to your hair and wrap a warm towel around it for 10 minutes. Eggs are rich in biotin, a vitamin known for promoting hair growth and adding body.
  5. Onion Juice Elixir: Onion juice is believed to aid hair growth due to its sulfur content. Apply it directly to your scalp or mix it with aloe vera gel for improved hair texture and growth.
  6. Methi Seed Henna Pack: Methi (fenugreek) seeds can be powdered and added to a henna pack to combat dandruff and lice infestations. Combine 4 teaspoons of lemon juice, coffee, 2 raw eggs, and 1 teaspoon of methi seed powder with enough “tea water” to henna powder to create a thick paste. Apply this henna mixture to your hair and wash it off after an hour.

Follow these natural remedies to nurture your hair and achieve the longer, healthier locks you desire.

Re-reported from the article originally published in The India English

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