85-Year-Old from UK Creates Guinness World Record as the Oldest Woman Squash Player

85-year-old Margret Armstrong from the UK has been confirmed to be the world’s oldest woman squash player by the Guinness World Records.

Usually, we do not associate age with any type of sports. But an 85-year-old grandma has now made it into the Guinness World record for playing sports. It is Margret Armstrong from the UK who has taken the Guinness World Record for being the oldest woman squash player in the world.

Margret Armstrong has always played sports and started playing football at the age of eight. She has been a county squash player who has represented various organisations. She has also won several Ladies Single Championship throughout her career. Now, Margret plays squash twice a week.

What is even more interesting though is that Margret Armstrong had met with an accident years ago. This left her sports career in danger. But the doctors managed to attach her foot to her leg after three surgeries. She is playing squash despite this. According to Margret, she likes squash because you don’t have to run around much if you know what you are doing. she said, adding that she learned to use the four walls instead of aimlessly bashing the ball around the corner.  Egyptian player Abou Taleb, the winner of the British Open three times, has coached her in squash.

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