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Karishma Mehta woman who not only makes herself an independent, and successful businesswoman but also encourage and give support to millions of girls and women, so that they can also become financially independent and successful in their life.

In one of her statements, Karishma said that “Every passing day I receive so many messages from young girls who want to build their own business and want to be self as well as financially independent and successful in their life. I have immense pride in knowing that there is a new wave of ambition, of purpose, of purpose. More she also added by saying that “I also receive messages from many women who have started a home business, also who have given themselves a new chance and begun their working carrier in their 50’s and also some are looking to empower themselves no matter which age /stage of life they are in.

Now looking forward to talking about Karishma’s professional and personal life, She is the founder of and manager of the website Humans of Bombay, which launched in January 2014, and professionally she is also a good writer and a photographer. Moreover, she is also the author of the related book The Humans Of Bombay. She is also a TEDx presenter and a freelance writer. She was inspired by the Humans of New York a Facebook page by photographer Brandon Stanton and launched this page and book the Humans of Bombay. To select the subject for the website, she started to get in touch with the public from the ground level and start talking and taking pictures with them on the street with her camera. She expanded her team to six members based in Mumbai, in 2018 with freelancer members in other parts of India. However, the page Humans of Bombay has shifted to her website, humans of Bombay. in.

In 2016 Poorvi Joshi of The Hindustan Times mentions that Mehta’s subjects have included the topics like abusive marriages, drug habits, and social exclusion. Through her efforts, she has given them a voice.” In 2018, Mehta told the Khaleej Times, “we have raised about INR 5 crores not only for acid attack victims but also daughters of sex workers, children who require bone marrow transplants, etc.” 

Karishma Mehta’s early life and education: 

Karishma Mehta was born and spent her childhood in Bombay, further for her academics she attended the Bombay Scottish School, Mahim. After that, she starts attending a boarding school in Bangalore for two years and then college in the UK for three years. Further, in 2013, she pursue her higher studies in economics and business student in Nottingham, UK, and holds a degree in Business and Economics from the University of Nottingham. On the other hand, She also started writing as a freelancer for various publications, including National Geographic. Whereas She has been also a regular TEDx presenter and has spoken several times at the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade. She is fluent in several languages like Hindi, English, and Marathi.

“This is the new India and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for all of us over the next decades”, said Karishma Mehta in one of her statements.

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