Ms Mridula, is the Founder of ‘Artyz’ visualized and developed 15 years ago, a hand-crafted creative studio in Panampilly Nagar. ‘Artyz’ stands for wearable art in the form of silk painted sarees, fabrics, hand dyed and block printed materials and art in various forms and media is what her creativity is about; Be it acrylic, mixed media silk painting, tie and dye, craft she has tried her hand in everything.

Being a restless person, right from the earlier age, monotony bored her and she liked all kinds of art forms and always wanted to learn something new. This led her to try out multiple art forms without sticking onto one. “Different kinds of art forms have continued to intrigue me till this very day and this curiosity planted a creative spirit in me helped myself in indulging and exploring my creativity to the fullest extent.” – she says.

A native of Kerala, Ms Mridula was born and raised in Mumbai. She has primarily worked and lived in Egypt and Dubai and thus possess an international client base and exposure.

Early years as a working mother, she says, she was caught in the rat race to ensure that there is food on the table while fulfilling her responsibility as a mother and wife. Nevertheless, she has refocused her attention now to her passion to produce work and labour of love and art. You will see uniqueness in all her creativity and she considers each of those as her masterpiece. Some of her products are custom-crafted and some are created from her own imagination and passion. She is highly satisfied and motivated with her current business and she believes creativity is such a wonderful gift that makes everyone live in the present moment – the moment of creation.

She used to work out of a studio in her house earlier and then expanded her business by opening a studio in GiriNagar where her art forms are also show-cased. She has a designing and stitching unit also set up there.

Ms Mridula is a compassionate person and loves to spend time with children; loves to help them create art and crafts. She regularly finds time to hold art and craft workshops for children in various schools and institutions. She is a member of ‘Hundred Hands’ and have conducted various exhibitions in Dubai, Mumbai and Kochi. SHE SIGHT Magazine wish her the very best in all her endeavours.