Let the words Bleed

Sit by me 

and let the words bleed

out of you like blood 

from an unbandaged wound,

the wound in your heart 

that made you 

Go ahead and cry 

and tell me your tale 

of clipped wings 

and broken hearts ,

the hearts you broke 

while learning how to fly 

Laugh and tell me

the days you felt ugly

and smile and continue 

to tell me how you

found beauty within you 

With a sigh spill 

till you’re dry

I’ll be listening

till you say goodbye 

I may not talk 

but rather look at the sky 

and find there the love

that gets me high 

I’ll laugh at your jokes 

and smile at your little fears

I’ll hug you and choke 

down the tears 

that comes to my eyes 

when I hear your tales 

of betrayals and lies 

So sit by me 

and let the words bleed 

out of you like blood 

from an unbandaged wound, 

the wound in your heart that made you, you 

By – Ms. Aayisha Natasha Shafik
Age – 17 years



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