Aajibaichi Shala: A School For Grandmothers! 

Aajibaichi shala

When it comes to education, age has no barrier, as Aajibaichi Shala, an Indian school for grandmothers is an example. At this groundbreaking school, women aged 60 to 90 are learning how to read and write. 

Aajibaichi Shala is the first-ever school for non-literate grandmothers in India, and it is situated in the rural Phangane village of Maharashtra’s Thane district. The school’s main mission is to inform older women who have never had the chance to study due to outdated gender standards.

Here is how they go to school everyday 

Image: Screengrab from Youtube ( Virtual Bharath )

Bright pink for 30 elderly women in Maharashtra means empowerment through education. It’s the colour of their school uniform, which consists of bright pink nine-yard sarees that they wear every day to their unique school. 

They head straight to school at 2:00pm everyday. They carry their slates to write and learn the alphabet on them using white chalk. 

Aside from learning the alphabet and how to pronounce each letter correctly, these elderly students receive a basic education that includes basic and practical mathematics. Nursery rhymes are also taught and recited. 

Founders of Aajibaichi Shala

The founders of this programme are Yogendra Bangar (an activist and local zila parishad teacher) and the Motiram Dalal Charitable Trust, which began in 2016 on International Women’s Day, March 8.

It is essential to enlighten these elderly persons who have never had the opportunity to attend school. We established this school to give pleasure to their lives and to ensure that the entire town is literate.’

Age has no barrier : Aajibaichi Shala

These women have shown incredible courage and commitment by coming out of the house and learning to read and write at a time when most people would rather relax and rest. They are, in reality, in the forefront of an educational movement in their region and throughout the country. 

The town has faced numerous challenges, including water shortage, poor sanitation, a lack of healthcare facilities, and issues with public transit. 

Aajibaichi Shala has given the villagers a fresh lease on life in this environment. These women’s education has aided in boosting knowledge about hygiene, sanitation, and healthcare, and the village is now defecation-free.

They not only appreciate their literacy but the students are enthusiastic about the fact that education allows them to feel empowered.

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