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Aakriti Goel: Shifts in career

At the age of 35 when you are settled down and earning a good amount of money, who will think of changing your whole career? It is a huge risk, it needs the courage to do this. Aakriti has taken this step with great courage. When she was 29 years old, she completed her Engineering and finally got her dream job. After working almost 14 hours every day for two years, Aakriti started facing health-related problems, both physical and mental. Due to sudden health conditions, she had to quit her job.

After a year, she studied for NEET(National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test) and she got 1118 Rank all over India. Many of us will find it unbelievable, even her parents did so. Nothing is impossible. It is claimed by the Directorate of Medical Education and Research that Aakriti will surely be in the 100 State rank list, which is not released yet. She worked hard and is on the way to achieving the goal of her life. 

Aakriti didn’t like working 9 to 5 as it was giving her a lot of stress and impacted her health. She has worked on many projects till now. She has learned a lot. Although she was getting a good salary, she was not satisfied with the work she was doing. She wanted to establish an NGO on her own as well. She started doing ikigai, a Japanese exercise to find the purpose of life, she found “Medicine” is where her heart is. 

During her school days, she was good at Biology but decided to go for Engineering. She doesn’t regret that decision. Being 10 years in the Engineering field, now she has found the purpose of her life. She studied 10-12 hours every day, took online classes, and finally proved to everybody that she can do it. If she can do it, then you can too. She is happy to do something worthwhile now.

She is a true inspiration for all of us. Many times we get into stereotypical thoughts like “At this age, I can’t change my career”, “ An Engineer can’t be a Doctor, and vice versa”, “We can’t make changes in our career once we are settled in our life”, and many more. It is not true. Age is just a number and there is no age limit if you want to learn something. It is never too late. 

Written By-

Pranali Mahindrakar, Student of BSc. CS, Pune.