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Captain Aarohi Pandit, an Indian aviator, has broken barriers in the aviation industry. As the first Indian woman to achieve a solo flight across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, she has now successfully completed her A320 type training at just 26 years old.

Captain Pandit’s journey began when she was selected by the Navy Blue Foundation for an extraordinary expedition at the age of 21. Despite having limited flying experience at the time, she embarked on rigorous training with Pipistrel in Serbia, preparing her for a journey around the world.

Her solo flights presented physical and mental challenges, with long hours in a cramped seat and unpredictable weather. Nevertheless, she considers these flights as some of her favorites, as they allowed her to fly in close proximity to glaciers and over the Atlantic Ocean.

Preparing herself mentally and physically for these flights was crucial, given the demands of crossing international borders daily and enduring long-haul flights in a small aircraft. She maintained peak physical condition and engaged in activities to stay alert during flights.

Captain Pandit’s ultimate goal has always been to pilot large jets, and she chose the Airbus A320 due to its significant demand in the Indian aviation industry and its reputation for safety and efficiency. Her simulator training at Sky One FZE’s Pier 7 Aviation in the UAE was a transformative experience, aided by the guidance of an Airbus veteran with 35 years of experience.

In choosing a pilot training academy, transparency, a well-equipped training facility, experienced instructors, and the training environment are key factors to consider.

Re-reported from the article originally published in Zee News

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