Accelerate Your Personal Power with Coach Aparna Gulawani.


Peaks Academy conducted two episodes of the Interactive Live Webinar on “Accelerate Your Personal Growth” in February 2022. The speaker, Ms. Aparna Gulawani is an Emotional Intelligence and Communication skills coach by profession. She was awarded the winner of ILDA Global Crucible 2020 a contest for Trainers, coaches and consultants to showcase their talent on a global platform Aparna has always believed in turning ideas into action. A dual combination of empathetic and energetic persona has helped her train numerous individuals to improve their Behavioral skills.

This Webinar introduced the “Personal Power” concept – a niche topic that is getting pertinent in today’s Post-Covid lifestyle. Recognizing and enhancing our strengths is vital to prepare ourselves to face the challenges life throws at us. The speaker explained What is Personal Power and listed ways to develop our Personal Power. Ms. Aparna also shed light on how to access our inner strength and listed some ways to recharge and sustain our Personal Power. The session explained what an individual with personal power is capable of achieving, and explained the significance of emotional self awareness.

The enrollment for this course is still open. If you are interested, you can check out OR talk to our Course Counsellor at 9895402860 to know the details and registration process. 

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