After Priyanka Chopra, another actress speaks up on the importance of Financial independence for women


Tejasswi Prakash speaks up on the financial independence of women; says its stupidity to depend on men for financial advice, and reveals she’s a ‘trader’ who invests in equity, options, and futures.

Tejwasswi Prakash-In an interview that revealed her study on investing her money and securing her future also emphasized the importance of women being financially independent.

Actor Tejasswi Prakash, who hit fame after doing several television shows including Khatron Ke Khiladi, and Bigg Boss 15, emphasizes her words on the financial independence of women and not depending on men to make investments. Tejasswi bought a home for herself in Goa in 2022 and also revealed in an interview about her property in Mumbai.  Along with her boyfriend Karan Kundrra, she has also invested in two flats in Dubai worth Rs 2 crore, keeping her investment game strong.

In her interview on the CurlyTales YouTube channel, she spoke about how important it is for women to be financially independent. When a  journalist pulled out that women often rely on their husbands, fathers, and brothers to make investments on their behalf, Tejasswi said, “I think that’s just stupid. I am big on investments.”

She explained, “I am a trader, and I trade mostly equity. Sometimes in options and futures. I feel like it doesn’t just involve guesswork but it involves a lot of studies. So, I have studied. I have had a course. I am aware of the fact that you cannot completely rely on an industry like mine. Especially for the kind of workaholic that I am.”

To an actor lack of work affects the peace of mind. She said, “You, as a person, should have a very good understanding of yourself. Are you the kind of person who can stay at home, peacefully, and happily without working? If you know you are not that person, then you are going to go crazy when you don’t have work because you can’t decide when you have work or not.”

She further states that securing her future gives her a sense of independence. “Even when I am not working, I still have an income while I am just sitting at home,” she said.

 “I think a girl should be independent enough. Tomorrow, never call somebody else for financial help, and if ever she decides to leave she should not go back to a dependent house but to her own place. I want to go to a place which is mine. As a woman , as a mother, as a wife, as a sister you should have an independent place because then you gain self-respect that if tomorrow you cannot tolerate something, you can take your people and leave the situation”.

In the future, if there might come a time when she wants to spend less focus and time working she replies “I like to live like that. I don’t want to be out of work because new talents are coming in. I want to decide when to leave. Probably in life when I want to give more time at home, when I have a family then I would still want to take up work but something not as taxing as a television show. Probably something which needs me to shoot for two months, three months, and the rest of the time I can stay with my family,” Tejasswi said.

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