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IndiGo Airlines Faces Backlash Over Para-Athlete Suvarna Raj’s Treatment

Indian para-athlete Suvarna Raj has accused IndiGo airline crew of mistreating her during a recent flight. Despite repeated requests, Raj alleges that the airline did not allow her to use her personal wheelchair, providing only a cabin wheelchair instead. This incident occurred on her New Delhi to Chennai flight.

Raj, a renowned athlete, expressed frustration, stating, “The airlines have repeatedly failed to provide proper assistance. Despite my consistent requests for my personal wheelchair at the aircraft door, I was met with indifference.”

Adding to her ordeal, Raj reported that her personal wheelchair was returned to her damaged,

Highlighting the broader issue of mistreatment towards individuals with disabilities, Raj referenced a recent incident at Kolkata airport where a wheelchair-bound woman was repeatedly asked to stand up for security checks. Expressing dismay over the lack of sensitivity, Raj emphasized the need for more awareness and compassion towards the challenges faced by people with disabilities.

In response to the allegations, IndiGo Airlines issued a statement acknowledging the incident and pledging to conduct a thorough investigation. The airline expressed regret for any inconvenience caused and reiterated its commitment to maintaining high customer service standards.

Raj’s case underscores the importance of ensuring equal treatment and accessibility for all passengers, regardless of their physical abilities.

Repurposed article originally published in She the People

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