Alia Bhatt’s special message for new mothers

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Physical exercise improves our health and reduces the chances of catching diseases. It also keeps us physically and mentally fit.

It is especially important for women to take care of their bodies after childbirth. Basic activities like exercising and walking not just add to good health but also does wonders for a woman’s confidence.

Alia Bhatt’s efforts for her physical fitness post-pregnancy are being lauded by one and all. She reaffirms that she is in no rush to look a certain way after giving birth to her daughter last November. “Listen to your body” is her new mantra. She emphasizes the fact that body positivity needs to be felt and imbibed in its entirety.

Women sometimes get too hard on themselves and succumb to the unnecessary pressure of losing weight, immediately after childbirth. Alia says she can relate to this generalized thinking. But now her aim is not to become thin by starving herself but to eat a healthy and balanced diet, exercise, and stay fit. Basic things like eating veggies, including protein in your diet, doing yoga, and going for a walk are good ways to stay healthy.

“Take a moment to appreciate yourself” – she advises new mothers.

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