Anuradha Paudwal Addresses Identity Theft Issue on YouTube

Identity Theft on YouTube
Image courtesy: Mid Day English

Renowned veteran singer Anuradha Paudwal recently disclosed her ordeal as a victim of identity theft on YouTube. In a social media post, she expressed her frustration over an unauthorized party claiming her YouTube verification and operating a verified account under her name for over a year without her consent. Paudwal had sought assistance from YouTube India but hadn’t found a resolution yet, appealing to the platform, “Please, YouTube, help me regain control of my identity.”

Paudwal’s daughter, Kavita, herself a musician, revealed that the unauthorized account had remained active for some time. Initially, they had chosen not to address the issue, as such incidents are unfortunately common in the entertainment industry. However, it escalated when the impostor posted an email address for potential business inquiries, causing concern.

Kavita engaged with YouTube and acknowledged the platform’s ongoing assistance. She explained YouTube’s verification process, which requires details of another verified profile, creating a complex cycle. Nevertheless, she remained hopeful that the platform would expedite the resolution, emphasizing the importance of setting an example for addressing such issues in the industry. Kavita stressed that platforms like YouTube bear a responsibility in protecting users’ profiles, particularly when they profit from their content. She recognized that these challenges also represent a learning curve for platforms in dealing with identity theft in the age of increasing AI-related concerns.

Re-reported from the article originally published in The Mid Day English

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