Pursuing Goals While Marriage-Ready


Hey girl, are you striving hard to reach your goal? Great, then you are definitely one of a kind. Generally, by the time one finishes their studies some may get placed in the fields of their liking and some may not. Some may decide on their goals after the completion of their studies.

Or else there are some careers that require a lot more time to get into. For instance, modeling, fashion designer, author, civil servant, singer, actor, pilot, army officer, or getting into an IIM among others. Whatever may be the situation, a girl should definitely require some time of her own to decide on their career or to set her goals and work on them.

The actual confusion and wavering start when your period of career trails overlap with your marriageable age. This is when the thoughts pop up like, ‘Okay fine let us leave our time taking career trails for the time being and let us get married’. This is the time when one should be strong mentally and should not let thoughts like ‘giving up’ enter your mind, just for the sake of getting married mechanically.

It is you who has chosen your interested career path, and then let nothing distract you from achieving it. And remember one thing the so-called ‘marriageable age’ is just a social norm, which only focuses on making a woman feel insecure as well as guilty, if she does not get married in that time slot. 

We are not living in the times of Rassundari Debi, where women used to get married at a young age and prayed not to get widowed, fearing sati and other practices. Rassundari Debi being illiterate has turned up to become the first Indian and Bengali full-fledged autobiographical author – of Amar Jiban. She used to be a secret student in her own home and started learning the alphabet from her son’s school books, late at night.

Situations now have gotten better with the passing of time with the contribution of many such inspirational women from the past. So let us not look down upon such leading ladies’ contributions, sacrifices, and fights, to make the future better for the next generations of women, by giving up on our goals and dreams just to get married at the marriageable age.

Anusha Pappala

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