Beginners Guide: Significance of Digital Literacy and Self Preparation

i am scared

Challenge- I worked in a world which is extremely different from this online one. I am scared , how can I face this and start giving interviews online

From physical meetings and manual pre-tests, the scenario has now moved on to a completely online interview and onboarding process as well. You must train yourself to have basic knowledge about the digital ecosystem and how you can use them.

Some of the tools are extremely important and you need to update yourself so that you can use them conveniently while going through an interview process

Basic Digital Literacy

Smartphone is your most valued possession you must learn how to use it appropriately

·      LinkedIn is a professional networking site. It is very important to create your profile and link up with relevant key stakeholders’ basis your profile.

·      Zoom/ MS team: Tools connect with people online. You can use these platforms to e – meet people. Here you can connect with them on audio as well as video calls. Share information with them. It has a lot of interactive features built-in

·      Facebook know your date of birth, email id, place of birth our friends with whom we connect and shares our pictures, videos, comment and like their content

· YouTube is a reservoir of learning on endless topics in the form of freely available videos

· Video creation is the basic skill that is required, while at many places you need to share your video introduction as well. It is suggested to create a video bio along with the basic portfolio of your skills on linked.

· Try to update your skills, certifications, and rewards along with important projects which you have completed previously if any 

·      Seek recommendations from your peers, vendors, seniors wherever possible

· Build your brand-Creating a digital identity and building your brand consistently adds value to your profile

·      You can upgrade yourself with so many Online education opportunities -E-learning courses – Free courses, udemy, Coursera, etc

· Several organizations nowadays are also running returnee /second innings /Come back to career programs for women. You can also check that and get yourself enrolled 

Online Interview Process

Now we connect via video calls, whats app audio, and video calls. We are comfortable doing zoom meetings instead of physical meetings.

MS Teams, zoom now govern our children’s worlds too. The education sector has undergone a drastic change wherein physical classes are replaced by online classes.

So is the impact on the professional front as well. Now our resumes which were earlier 3 to pages long have shrunk into 1 or at the most 2 pages visual resumes.

Resumes are not evaluated by humans. The resumes are shortlisted by software’s basis the qualifications and the skill set requirements that pertain to particular jobs.

References and recommendations play a critical role in a lot of mid-management and senior management hiring.

Now people want o to hire a human who has got a balanced approach to personal and professional life.

There is now resume screening software that is used to evaluate the resumes as well. Hence it is important to create them in a format that is compatible with them as well.

Normally there are 4 to 5 evaluation rounds for any position.

Initial are some psychometric tests, subjective assessments, case studies, presentations, video interviews wherein the candidate is expected to share a 1- 2 min video answering the few set of questions shared in the case study or individual one on one round, panel interviews, negotiation round with HR and finally onboarding.

Online Onboarding Process

Reference checks to onboarding everything have now moved to online these days.

Wherein normally you are expected to scan all the documents, from 10th, 12th graduation, post graduation any other professional certificate, other educational qualifications, a recommendation from previous employers

Past relieving letters

  • Experience certificates
  • Pan
  • Driving license
  • Aadhar
  • Voter id

Many such documents required to be scanned and updated on the portal

Once done in particular formats these are often verified and approved by certain in-house teams or 3rd party vendors

Post that there is a medical test that is often done for the selected candidates.

Once the entire process is complete the joining formalities get initiated online.

Nowadays, employee id cards or laptops and other document issuance processes are also automated often the entire kit reaches the candidate along with a set of portal details wherein once an employee joins online programs are available for induction followed by some one-on-one meetings or induction with the HR or business spoke persons.

During this entire process starts from preparing for an interview, shortlisting companies, or joining any company- digital literacy plays a critical role.

It starts from as simple as identifying which skills are most required these days for which profile, creating a video bio, applying on various platforms, giving interviews, scanning or uploading your documents while getting onboarded.

Hence it is crucial to get updated on this front if you intend to come back to your career nowadays.

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