Benefits Of Curd on Skin, Hair, Face & Mood

We can find curd or Dahi in every Indian kitchen. Let us look at some of its benefits.

We can find curd or Dahi in every Indian kitchen. It is the most convenient, soothing and comforting food. It can be paired up with every meal, you can make smoothies, can be added into curries or you can simply have it with breakfast.

This dairy product has several health benefits and is loaded with many nutrients like calcium, potassium, vitamin D, B-2 and B-12. It is light and easy to digest; it also cools the heat produced by other foods in our digestive system.

Let us look at some of the benefits of curd or Dahi.

1. Curd is good for the skin

Women often make different face packs at home using and add curd to them. Curd is good for our skin; it keeps our skin hydrated and improves skin tone. A component like zinc, phosphorus, vitamin E and other micronutrients prevent our skin from acne and slow down ageing. The lactic acid acts as an exfoliator and heals the skin naturally. It clears off dead skin and blemishes.

2. Curd to get dandruff-free hair

Curd has antifungal properties which can cure dandruff as it is a fungal infection. Apply curd on your scalp and rinse it after 15 minutes. It is one of the best remedies to get rid of dandruff.

3. Curd as the mood booster

The probiotics present in curd also improve brain functioning. The curd also reduces the risk of anxiety and depression. It also affects the brain region that controls emotions and sensations.

4. Curd is good for heart health

The probiotics present in curd are good for our heart, it prevents heart ailments. It can cut down cholesterol levels and prevent clogged arteries. It is good for our memory and also purifies our blood. This is the most convenient way to reduce the risk of heart disease by 6-10% and keep your heart happy and healthy.

5. Benefits of curd to boost immunity

The good bacteria present in curd are beneficial for our overall health. It fights the diseases causing bacteria and keeps us healthy. It works more efficiently than many pills that you take to boost your immunity. These properties do not diminish when heated. These benefits of curd make it one of the most important immunity booster foods.

6. Benefits of curd in maintaining oral health

It is a rich source of calcium and phosphorus which is important to maintain the strength of our teeth. It eliminates the harmful bacteria from our mouth and also decreases the risk of gum and teeth related diseases.

7. Curd helps in weight loss

It has been proven that people who consume curd daily shed more kilos than people who don’t. Curd regulates the hormone that leads to obesity and reduces cravings. The imbalance of the hormone can also lead to hypertension, high cholesterol and weight gain. The nutritionists also recommend adding at least a cup of curd to your daily diet.

8. Benefits of curd for digestion

Curd is formed by the fermentation of milk which can be made possible by microorganisms known as “Probiotics.” This bacteria is good for our gut health. It prevents gastric disorders and diseases. It improves the nutrients in our digestive system. It soothes inflammation in the stomach and is also the best food for people suffering from diarrhoea.

9. Curd strengthens bones

A cup of curd can fulfil almost 70% of the daily requirement of calcium. It is also rich in phosphorus and vitamin D, which are essential components for our bone health. Curd helps in maintaining the strength of the bones and even delays the degradation of other body parts.

The consumption of curd also decreases the risk of colorectal cancer and can fulfil a 14% daily requirement of protein. The person suffering from lactose intolerance can also have curd; it will make up all nutrients that milk provides. Curd can be used in highly versatile ways and it is the most therapeutic food.

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