Black female entrepreneurs advocate for enhanced federal assistance


Black women want more help from the government to start businesses and make money, a survey says. They think it’s important for building wealth. But many aren’t sure if the President’s plans are helping Black people.

The survey found that 63% of Black women think the government should do more to support starting businesses. They want things like money and training to be easier to get.

Starting a business can be hard, especially for minorities. They often can’t get loans or credit. A program called One Million Black Women wants to help by giving $10 billion to Black women by 2030.

Even though there are opportunities for government contracts, few go to minority or women-owned businesses. The government wants to change that by giving more contracts to disadvantaged businesses.

Getting a loan is tough, too. You usually need to be in business for two years. Many people can’t wait that long.

More help is needed, like grants that don’t need to be paid back. This would help more people start and run businesses.

Despite the challenges, more Black people are starting their own businesses. This is partly because of the government’s help.

The survey shows that many Black women want to start businesses to make money. But they need more help, like loans and grants.

They also feel like the government doesn’t listen to them. They want politicians to talk more about helping Black business owners.

As the election gets closer, many Black women are still deciding who to vote for. They want leaders to understand their struggles and help them succeed.

The government is trying to show it’s helping Black people by talking about past victories. They’re also speaking at events about important issues facing Black Americans.

Re-reported from the article originally published in The 19th.


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