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In the midst of National Self-Care Awareness Month, the concept of “self-care” takes on a unique and evolving meaning for different individuals, particularly among business owners and founders. Denise Woodard, CEO of Partake Foods, sat down with Trinity Mouzon Wofford, founder and CEO of the superfood health and beauty brand Golde, to explore their personal definitions of self-care and its impact on their businesses and relationships.

Denise shares that her self-care routine is a moment-by-moment commitment, recognizing the positive impact it has on all aspects of her life. However, she acknowledges the challenges of balancing self-care with family and business responsibilities, often making choices like prioritizing time for Pilates.

Trinity, who recently became a mother, reflects on how her self-care practices have evolved, emphasizing the importance of setting aside intentional time for herself. She draws inspiration from her mother and grandmother, who found self-care in cooking, creative projects, and healthy foods.

Both entrepreneurs highlight the changing cultural acceptance of self-care and the variety of practices available today, including therapy and community support. Denise’s routine has been disrupted due to a cross-country move and operational changes but emphasizes the importance of time blocked for self-recharge.

Trinity’s business, Golde, focuses on personal investments in well-being through products like superfood face masks. She acknowledges the commercialization of self-care and emphasizes the significance of even mundane tasks as forms of self-care.

Re-reported from the article originally published in The Inc.

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