Tomb of Sand by Geetanjali Shree

Geetanjali Shree’s Tomb of Sand is a. Is a book written in Hindi about an elderly woman named “Ma” who, after sinking into profound despair while singing, finds her way out via travel. “Ma” feels very depressed after the loss of her husband and confides in a close friend. Her family doesn’t agree with her decision to go, but she is determined to return from her experience stronger than before. Much to their dismay, she
plans to return to Pakistan, where she spent her formative years. While in Pakistan, she thinks back on the traumatic experience of witnessing or participating in the partition when they were teenagers. Her daughter, who is unorthodox yet conforming, is shaken when she meets a transgender person
on a trip and befriends them. The story assesses “Ma’s” experiences as a woman, particularly a “modern” woman, and the reactions of those around her to it.

The experiences of life during an arms race are carefully explored in the Tomb of Sand, a well-written and well-crafted novel. Loss affects “Ma” both in her formative years and her last days. The book is profound and engaging to read.

Book Lovers by Emily Henry

Play heroine Nora is a city slicker who has little interest in tales of small-town or rural romance and
transformation. She considers the scenario unrealistic because of how clichéd it is. She is a driven and goal-oriented New York City native who is determined to succeed professionally. Nora tends to support her sister as she has always done since their mother’s passing, even if she is not into the romance book experience that her sister Libby is trying to get her to have. While going through all of this, she meets Charlie, who shares her goals. Read on to find out how Nora’s opinion changes at the end, as life keeps bringing them back together. Emily Henry tells the passionate tale of two lovers who must confront their pasts and their futures with wit and verve. The novel’s intricate narrative and web of intertwining characters depict a life in which opposites attract and resist one another.

Fun fact: Nora is a bookworm who enjoys being sensible and has reasonable expectations, so she’s sure to please any reader who enjoys a good story.

The Maid by Nita Prose

In her first book, Nita Prose tackles the taboo topics of murder and mystery. Molly Gray is an out-of-the-ordinary person. She has difficulty interacting with people and often misinterprets their motives. For Molly, her grandmother was a translator, breaking down complex concepts into easily understandable guidelines. Since her grandmother passed away a few months ago, Molly has been forced to figure out life on her own. She treats her job as a hotel maid with the same enthusiasm she does her life. Her
one-of-a-kind personality, along with her meticulous attention to detail and impeccable manners, makes her a perfect match for the position. She takes great pleasure in pristine cleanliness. The day Molly visits the apartment of the notorious and affluent Charles Black and discovers the room in disorder and a
guest to their hotel, Mr Black dead in his bed. She has no idea what’s occurring, but the police are already looking at Molly as their prime suspect because of her strange behavior. She soon realizes that she is entangled in a web of lies from which she has no escape. Luckily for Molly, she has friends who try to figure out who did all this.

The Maid is both a locked-room mystery and an uplifting spiritual journey, in which the main character discovers the key to solving any enigma is to connect with another person’s heart.

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