Foods to choose from while on a vegan diet

You may be asking, “What do I eat on a vegan diet?” given that the typical Indian dinner is heavy on meat, ghee, and other dairy products. We’ve gleaned here now to address your inquiry.

Should you decide to adopt a vegan diet, you will find an abundance of possibilities. You can always supplement your diet with some of the items listed below,

Oat Milk

Oat milk is a great alternative to conventional milk. In addition, its texture is smooth and creamy, and it comes in a variety of tastes just unlike regular milk. It may help with weight reduction as well since protein is less of an issue with this. Oat milk, like regular milk, may be mixed with other drinks, such as coffee or chocolate. A delicious milkshake need not involve the exploitation of animals. Our own Pracol site even has a chocolate oat drink called Slicc Chocolate Oat drink that you must try.

Vegan Meat

It’s not easy to give up meat when you become a vegan. You may be haunted by the many meals you’ve become used to eating, but fear not; vegan meat has arrived to put an end to this problem. That’s right, you heard correctly. To satiate consumers’ desires in a way that does less damage to the environment, a growing number of companies are producing plant-based meat products. In Pracol we have a separate vegan foods section to encourage plant-based eating habits and start-ups related to it. They even have plant-based chicken sausages and even chicken nuggets!!

So, don’t be scared by the thought of giving up your favourite foods, as you can always have both!!

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