Canna-Cuisine Maestro: Chef Nikki’s Journe

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“From Pharmaceutical Science to Psychedelic Canna-Chef – Unveiling the Unique Journey of Chef Nikki Steward”

For nearly half a decade, Chef Nikki Steward has been Hollywood’s best-kept secret in the realm of canna-culinary artistry. Her reputation extends beyond novelty edibles, revealing talents that surpass the confines of any kitchen.

“A lot of people don’t expect professional black women to be a light to women who feel disenfranchised from their careers in the culinary space,” says Steward, also known as Chef Nikki. “I’m also a mother. And I want to be an example to my children. Do what you want to do.”

Steward’s career trajectory, initially aimed at pharmaceutical technology, has unexpectedly blossomed into a multidimensional journey. From her exclusive, star-studded High End Affair cannabis dinner events to serving as Dave Chappelle’s personal psychedelic canna-chef, she has solidified her legacy as the go-to chef for a network of high-profile celebrities.

Her aspirations extend beyond culinary fame, aiming to become the face of normalizing cannabis in a culture that stigmatizes her for being black.

In an exclusive interview with WeedMaps, Chef Nikki shared insights into her unconventional career choices, emphasizing how they uncovered a greater life purpose. She delved into the ways ancestral plant medicine can strengthen familial bonds and recounted Dave Chappelle’s mom’s reaction to her son’s fondness for medicated mac and cheese.

WeedMaps had the opportunity to explore Chef Nikki’s transformative journey, questioning the pivot from pharmaceutical science to fine dining and cannabis cuisine. The interview unraveled the unique facets of her career, from organizing exclusive events to influencing celebrities’ cannabis preferences.

Chef Nikki’s narrative sheds light on the potential of celebratory psychedelic therapy and challenges societal norms, encouraging others to pursue their passions despite expectations.

Re-reported from the article originally published in The CNW News

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