Career trends in the post-Covid era


Can I work from home for two days, as I have recently shifted home?

Boss! my son is not well can I take WFH for today only?

I have to take care of my ailing mother can I get any lucrative option in Hybrid mode?

You can start building your presence by making sure you connect with the right set of people and being consistent in writing about your core skills on various platforms like Linkedin, Quora & Medium to name a few.

Although covid 19 has brought havoc in our lives, now we have realized the importance of missing aspects of being human beings missing in human.

Now, switching careers at 40 is normalized, and taking a break in careers is not looked down upon. Being vulnerable is accepted on even social media platforms too, as people feel considerate about each other life situations as well. Even LinkedIn has accepted a career break as one of the positions in one’s career graph.

Linkedin has transitioned successfully from being merely the site for job platforms to a platform for building executive presence and improvising skills through networking.

Various executive programs are launched to support the new league of budding writers, and influencers and are now a part of accelerator programs to support others in the journey as well.

Command, control, and superiority mindset were the mind frame of most of the DNA of most of the organization’s culture.

Hence giving complete freedom to employees and that too in varied job profiles was not even considered an option before the Covid era.

Today’s problems are too complex for a manager to solve alone. Hence post-pandemic new leadership style is not managing but coaching.

So why do we need to look at things differently now,  people have now accepted work from home with trust, and organizations have accepted a hybrid mode. There is a universal acceptance that work-life balance is critical for each one of us. Mental health plays an important role, these communications are slowly becoming part of our daily lives. Hence we need to explore options matching our skillsets, market requirements, and family commitments.

Growing through difficult times has taught of these 3 important lessons:-

  1. To move forward sometimes you have to let go of what you are, let go of the things which don’t serve us. Drop old mindsets and explore new options.
  • Take risks, sometimes the risks pay off but when they don’t. Accept that you have been redirected to a new way.
  • We can rebuild the foundations and use learnings from failures to move forward.

So, let us gear up and try our level best to change our thought patterns. All the best! Keep moving!

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