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Rachel Riley, Tracy-Ann Oberman, and Eddie Marsan took a stand against antisemitism, addressing a London march organized by the Campaign Against Antisemitism, drawing attention to the alarming surge in such incidents.

Notable Figures Speak Out: Former EastEnders actress Tracy-Ann Oberman, hailing from a Jewish background, passionately addressed the crowd at Parliament Square. She expressed concern over the rapid increase in antisemitism, recounting instances of Jewish attacks and the fear instilled in the community. Oberman emphasized the need to recognize antisemitism as an incitement to hatred and division.

Actor Eddie Marsan, though not religious, questioned the hesitancy of some to condemn Hamas following its attack on Israel. He urged for a balanced perspective, advocating for the acknowledgment of both sides of the conflict. Marsan called on moderates to confront extremism and bigotry, emphasizing the importance of understanding different perspectives.

Countdown star Rachel Riley delivered a powerful message, urging people to confront antisemitism seriously. She acknowledged the historical consequences of staying silent and expressed gratitude to those refusing to be bystanders. Riley emphasized the necessity of engaging in tough conversations, standing up against the mob, and fostering resilience in the fight against antisemitism.

Call for Unity: The event saw a diverse array of participants, including actress Dame Maureen Lipman and television personalities Robert Rinder and Vanessa Feltz. The Campaign Against Antisemitism noted the presence of actors Louisa Clein, Felicity Kendal, and Elliot Levey, highlighting the widespread support for the cause.

The march, attended by over 100,000 people, symbolized a united front against antisemitism in the wake of the Israel-Hamas conflict. The speakers, representing various fields, collectively called for a serious commitment to addressing and combating antisemitism, emphasizing the importance of understanding different perspectives in fostering a tolerant society.

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