Coffee Chat

The Bi-weekly 34th and 35th Virtual coffee cum Business chat for Prayaana Entrepreneurs Collective was held on 9th and 23rd April 2021.

The goal of the Coffee chat is to connect a group of women entrepreneurs and business professionals who want to level up their personal and professional development skills, encouraging collaborations with a group of like-minded women who struggles. We learned new skills, shared ideas, and gave moral support to each other. The participants were a mix of women entrepreneurs, working women professionals and homemakers who were passionate about making their dreams come true. We welcomed new members and they introduced themselves about their businesses and the existing members also shared their experiences. 

Mentors discussed new business opportunities, network marketing, and shared valuable advice and tips to promote business building tools, personal growth, planning of upcoming events.

Those who wish to attend the next Prayaana Virtual Business Meet on 7th and 23rd May 2021 please call Community Coordinator Ms. Suji Satish on 8590339393 for the Prayaana hub. For Maharashtra please call Hub Ambassador Ms. Priyanka 942049879 to book your seats!



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