My thoughts are forlorn,

My heart is filled with blue,

I’m tired and I’m torn

Between my faith and the devil’s due.

Sometimes I want my life,

Less than I want my death.

Yet, when I dive into the ocean,

I keep holding my breath.

It’s funny how this blue

Is killing me slowly,

But this water and my heart

Make me alive, and make me holy.

So maybe I’m not hopeless,

Maybe hope is hard to find;

Maybe if I push a little harder,

I’ll find hope inside my mind.

I might’ve hit the rock bottom,

But maybe I can restart;

And I might’ve lost everything,

But I can still hear the beating of my heart.

I thought I wanted the ending,

I thought I wanted my last breath to leave;

But the water and my faith,

Showed me just how much I like to breathe.

Poet:- Miss Mokshika Sharma.
Age:- 18 yrs
City:- New Delhi